TBA (To Be Advised)

Booked From TBA

The Booked From TBA setting indicates that the scheduled start date is not locked in and is to be advised. The Booked From TBA is only a visual flag and has no real functionality in the app.

Booked To TBA

The Booked To TBA indicates an open-ended contract with no specified end date. When setting date/times as TBA you are still required to enter the Booked From and Booked To dates, as you need both dates for autocalc and pricing purposes.

Setting the Booked To TBA will block out all Reservations/Bookings/Invoices until the Hired To date is finally populated, which will be reflected in the Availability screen and double-booking checks.

See The "Booked To" (Estimated Return) Date article for more detail and recommendations on setting the Booked To date.

When all your hires are open-ended

Over time, the current date will eventually exceed the Booked To date, and On Hire contracts will eventually become Overdue Returns. These overdue returns appear in the Reminders List on the main screen. They can be extended in bulk (see Extending TBA Contracts).

Set the Booked To TBA as the default

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Hire & Invoice Date Defaults.
  2. Check the Default 'Booked To' as TBA checkbox.
  3. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

All new sales records will now default the Booked To TBA setting as on.

Hide Overdue Returns from Reminders List

You may also prefer to hide all overdue returns from the Reminders List given all your hires are open-ended.

  1. From the main screen, i.e. the Reminders List, click the Options tab.
  2. Check the Hide Overdue Returns checkbox. The setting will be saved immediately and remembered for your user account (not globally for all users).
  3. Click back to the Reminders tab, and Overdue Returns will be hidden.

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