Item Categories & Sub-categories

Item Categories allow you to group items so that when you look up availability, you can hire out an alternative item in that category if the original is unavailable.

 For example if your business hires out ride-on lawn mowers, you could put all your different ride-on mowers into a 'Ride-on Mowers' category.
When you open the Availability page you can look up availability for the 'Ride-on Mowers' category.
All ride-on mowers in your inventory will show in the availability list.
Categories are also widely useful across many of our reports, as such it's highly recommended that you set some up!

How to add a new Item Category

  1. From the Main Menu, select Setup then Item Related, then Item Categories.
    This opens the Item Categories page, which lists all the existing categories that have been set up. 
  2. Click the 'New Invoice Category' button.
  3. Enter the Category Name.
  4. Click Save New when completed.
    Note: After categories have been added, you can assign a category to an item through the Items page.


Sub-Categories can also be set up in the same way as above, via Setup > Items Related > Item Sub-Categories.

If you use the online store, categories will appear on the store, and can have images attached to them!

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