An Off Hire date is the date you want to stop charging for the items on the invoice, but it has also not been returned yet.

How to record an 'Off Hire'

  1. In the invoice page, click the Options dropdown menu just above the invoice line items grid.
  2. Click the Off Hire option.
    Three new fields will appear between the Booked and Hired dates, i.e. 'Off Hire Date', 'Off Hire Number' and 'Date Collected'.
  3. Click the red calendar button next to the Off Hire date.  The Off Hire date will default to the current date/time, and the Off Hire Number will default to the next highest Off Hire number or you can manually override the number if required.  This can be used as a reference for your customer as proof of Off Hire.

Date Collected

The date collected should only be entered when the items are collected from the customer. 

Hire Status 

If an Off Hire Date is entered but no Hired To/Return date is entered, the record status will show as Off Hired.

The record will also show as a Collection in the reminders list on the main menu page.

Once collected the return reminder remains in place until the items are returned back to base.

Sales > Find Sales and Find Sales by Location pages show an Off Hired tab, which includes all records where an Off Hire date is entered but no Hired to/Return date.

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