CSV Exporters

Although HirePOS has a huge range of reports and data management tools built-in, occasionally it may be necessary to extract and manipulate data outside of the HirePOS system. This might be to make a company-specific data analysis, make bulk adjustments for re-uploading, or even to keep a local backup of some data elements for your own comfort. 

To help facilitate this, there is an "export as CSV" button available on almost every report in the system, along with a CSV export tool for items, customers, suppliers, and many other areas.

Export Report as a CSV

To download the raw data for any report, simply preview the report using the normal method, but rather than printing or downloading a PDF, click the CSV button, which will present the data to you in a basic and ready-for-editing manner. 

Other CSV Exporters

  • Items
    • Setup > Items > Options > Export CSV File
  • Suppliers
    • Setup > Suppliers > Options > Export CSV File
  • Customers
    • Setup > Customers > Options > Export CSV File
  • CRM Contact Logs and Notes
    • CRM > Find Notes > Export CSV (button at bottom)
  • Leads
    • CRM > Leads > Options > Export CSV File
  • Sales Calendar
    • Sales > Calendar > Cog (next to "filters") > Export CSV
  • Crew / HR Calendar
    • HR > Calendar > CSV (button at bottom)

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