Email Placeholder Settings

For information on the various email placeholders available, please refer to the Email Placeholders help doc. The settings below are for customising some of these placeholders.

How to access placeholder settings

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Email Templates & Settings.
  2. Click the Placeholder Settings button towards the bottom.

{Type} Placeholder Settings

These settings allow you to change the terminology for the {Type} email placeholder for both the email message (and subject) and the PDF Attachment filename. Enter a term for each of the various types. For example, you may prefer to call "On Hire" Invoices a Contract or Hire Agreement, or you may prefer Quotation rather than Quote.

{ViewButton} Placeholder Settings

Display 'Pay Now' button for Invoice mode only: When your customer clicks the View button in an email, the Pay Now button on the site will only be visible for Invoices, and not for Bookings and other modes.

Button Terminology: Allows you to change the terminology of the button to 'Accept Quote' or 'View Quotation' for example.

Quote Template: Allows you to define which report template will be used for Quotes.

Reservation Template: When a Quote is accepted, it is automatically converted to a Reservation so that the inventory is immediately reserved. You may choose to switch to a different template at this point.

See the Custom Report Templates help doc for further information on custom report templates.

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