Delivery/Pickup Schedule

The Delivery/Pickup Schedule lists all delivery and pickup jobs required, based primarily on the Booked From and Booked To dates, and the Delivery/Pickup Schedule options selected in the Delivery/Pickup popup on the Booking/Invoice screen. In addition, you can also include one off jobs entered as General Reminders, as well as Purchase Orders, and Onsite Services.

Delivery/Pickup details are often used to record job site details, however the record will not appear in the schedule unless marked as Required in the Delivery/Pickup popup on the Booking/Invoice screen.

Important: For deliveries, the job is marked as completed once in the On Hire status, i.e. the Hired From is entered.  For pickups, the job is completed once in the Returned status, i.e. the Hired To is entered.  The Hired From date should not be entered until the goods are delivered and the Hired To date should not be entered until the goods are returned back.

Delivery/Pickup Schedule

The Delivery/Pickup Schedule is accessed via Sales/Hire > Delivery/Pickup Schedule.  Various filters can be applied by clicking the Filter button.  Click the Preview Schedule button on the top right to view the schedule.

Default Settings

You can change default delivery/pickup settings via Setup > Preferences > Misc > Delivery/Pickup. From here you can set the delivery/pickup terminology or select the default driver from the Delivery/Pickup Via, and set whether delivery or pickup is required by default.

Mark Off Individual Items

As standard, the whole job is marked as Completed, however you can configure the Delivery/Pickup screen to allow your drivers to mark off items as they are delivered or picked up, and also allow new items to be added (adjustments).

Refer to the Check Off doc for instructions on allowing items to be checked off.

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