Misc Preferences

To access this section go to Setup > Preferences > Misc.

  • Default Prices As
    Defines whether prices in new invoices and purchase orders will default to Tax Inclusive, or Tax Exclusive in the line amounts.
  • Auto-increment Customer Code
    Automatically increments numeric customer codes to the next number when adding new customers.  Customer Codes are not required, however they are preferred when exporting to third party accounting systems.
  • Digits (Leading 0's)
    This setting, when accompanied by the “Auto-increment Customer Code” above will automatically assign a code to new customers with the specified number of leading 0’s.
  • Default New Customers to Cash Customers
    Check this option to default all new customers to zero Credit Limit (Cash) as opposed to Account.
  • Cash Sale Customer
    Allows you to select a generic "Cash Sale" customer which you can use for over the counter sales which do not include any "hire" items at all.  These sales are cash and do not require the customers details.
    Refer to the following help doc for more details on this function: Cash Sale [with video]
  • Show 'Change' prompt after receiving Cash payments
    Displays a prompt to enter cash received, and automatically calculates change to be given.
  • Deposit Due Days
    Sets default number of days from Invoice Date for which deposits are due.
    Refer to the following help doc for more details on this function: Deposit Due Date
  • Delivery/Pickup Terminology
    Sets default terminology for delivery and pickup.  This is reflected both on screen and in the delivery and pickup dockets.
  • Custom Docket Terminology
    Additional custom dockets can be added to the system.  These settings allow the additional custom documents to be named.

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