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Signatures can be obtained in person using a tablet device, via the Get Signature button at the bottom right of the invoice screen. If you would like to use a tablet as an dedicated signature pad to use over the counter in conjunction with your counter desktop PC then refer to Over The Counter Signatures.

Configure user sales settings (tablet devices).

  1. Go to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview, and click the cog icon located just under the New Customer button.
  2. Click the Tablet option located under the Optimise Booking/Invoice screen layout for section.
  3. Ensure the Use separate 'Signature Pad' for over the counter setting is Off, i.e. slide to the left.

Get a customer signature in person

  1. In the Booking/Invoice screen, click the Get Signature button located towards the bottom to go to the Get Signature page.
  2. A web based invoice preview is shown. Have customer review the details.
  3. Click the Terms & Conditions button to show the T&C's you have set up via Setup > Preferences > Terms & Conditions. It may be more suitable to use URL links to a PDF of your terms and conditions where suitable.
  4. Enter the customer's name in the Signed By section. You can openly type a name in, or you can select a customer contact from the dropdown list.
  5. If you have selected a contact from the list or created a new contact, then ensure their contact details and license details are up to date if you require those details.
  6. Under the Signature section there is a signature panel which allows the customer to sign the page with a stylus pen. Have customer sign and then tap Accept to continue.
  7. If the Terms & Conditions have been read, a Signed By name entered, and the Signature panel is signed, then the signature is validated and you will see an Accept & Continue popup window.
  8. Click the preferred action to take you to the next step, i.e. Payment (to receive a payment), Preview (to preview the invoice), etc.

Note you will now see the signature in the Sent column in Sales/Hire > Customer Overview, and also Sales > Find Sales. You will also see the signature in the Signature tab on the Booking/Invoice screen, and in the Terms & Conditions section of the Invoice Preview template (unless your template has been customised and this has been removed).

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