Pin Payments (Card Surcharging)

Surcharging automatically adds an additional charge to the sales record (booking/invoice) when your customers pay by card.

Available when emailing sales records to customers using the {ViewButton} or {QuoteAcceptanceLink} placeholders, or when entering payments in person. This feature will also become available for 'online store' payments soon.

Surcharges will not work on invoices that have been exported to an external accounting system.
There are some considerations when using this feature with Accrual based accounting or when exporting Invoices to third-party accounting systems. Surcharge fees can be added to Quotes/Reservations/Bookings, however Invoices should not be altered after they are issued, and therefore surcharging is disabled for Invoices that have been posted from HirePOS to your accounting system. Businesses on Cash based accounting or using our built-in Bookkeeping module on a Cash basis should not present an issue, however please always consult with your Accounting professional, who can provide you with qualified advice for your particular circumstances.

Create a Card Surcharge Item

To get started with Credit Card Surcharges, you first need to have a Card Surcharge item set up, as this item will automatically be added to the sales record when your customers pay by card. To set up your Credit Card Surcharge Item:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Items
  2. Click New Item
  3. Give the item a useful Description like Credit Card Surcharge for example.
  4. Set the Item Type to Misc , or another appropriate non-hire type.
  5. Open the Configuration pane and enable Non Stock
  6. Navigate to the Rates/Prices tab, and select a non-time based unit (usually, you will have an Each unit which should be non-time based, so this will work fine)
  7. Leave the Sell Ex and Sell Inc as 0.00
  8. Click Save

Credit Card Surcharge Item Requirements

The requirements for the Card Surcharge item are strictly as follows.

  • Must be a Non Stock item, i.e. ensure the Non Stock box in the Configuration section in the item setup details is checked.
  • Must have a Non-time based Selling Unit, i.e. ensure there is a Unit added to the Rates/Prices table that does not have a Time Span or Interval in the Selling Unit setup. For example, use the Each selling unit.
  • Must not be a percentage charge item, i.e. leave the price as 0.00 in the Rates/Prices, and do not use the Percentage Calculation settings.

Enable Pin Payment Surcharging

In order to reliably apply surcharge, you must be using the Pin Payments API, not the Payment Link. Please ensure your pin payments setup is similar to the following picture:

To activate surcharging via the Pin Payments API:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's > Pin Payments.
  2. Check the Enable Surcharging box.
  3. Select the Card Surcharge item that you previously set up as the Surcharge % Item.
  4. You have the choice of entering a Surcharge (%) and/or a Fee ($). For example, you might enter a Surcharge (%) of 2 and a Fee ($) of 1.00
  5. Click Save Changes.
The whole payment transaction amount (including the surcharge line amount added) is subject to Pin Payments surcharge fees, therefore you need to add a margin to your costs and ensure you are charging at a higher rate than Pin Payments are charging you, if you wish to recover all of your fees.

Test Your Surcharges

  1. Create a test Booking against your business for say $10.00
  2. Send the Booking to your email address.
  3. Click the View Booking button in the email to open the Booking in the site.
  4. Click the PAY BY CARD button at the top left.
  5. You should see the Surcharge section as show below.
  6. Be sure to cancel the Test Booking after you've verified the Surcharge is showing.

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