Upload Attachments

Files can be uploaded and attached to Customers, Items, Invoices, Expenses and Maintenance Records.  This is designed for files up to 4Mb in size, which are typically PDF and image files.

How to upload an attachment

  1. Open the details screen for the type of record you would like to attach the file to, e.g. the Customer details screen.
  2. Located at the top right of the screen next to the 'Options' button is the attachment button with paperclip icon. Click this button to go to the attachments screen.
  3. Click the 'Browse file to upload' button or alternatively drag a file from your file explorer on your local drive to the 'Drag file to upload' section on the screen.
  4. If successful the file will be listed in the Attachments screen.
  5. You can return to the Attachments screen at any time to download and open the file.
  1. From the Booking/Invoice screen, click the Email button towards the bottom right. You will be redirected to the Email screen.
  2. Towards the bottom of the Email screen is an Attachments subheading, and beneath this a Related Attachments section (if there are any related Invoice or Item attachments). Click this section to expand, and check the related attachments you wish to include in the email.

  1. From the Booking/Invoice screen, click the Preview button towards the bottom right. You will be redirected to the Preview screen.
  2. An attachments (paperclip icon) button will appear in the header section at the top with a number indicating how many related attachments are available. Click the button to view the attachments list, and click the attachments as required to open them, which you can then print if required.

Including attachments on the Delivery/Pickup schedule.

  1. After you've uploaded an attachment as above:
  2. Open your attachments list for the relevant record
  3. Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the item, and click Delivery schedule (Visible)

This means the attachment will be visible for drivers on the Sales > Delivery/Pickup schedule.

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