Online Store (Preferences)

If you have the Online store enabled, you can go to Setup > Preferences > Online Store to modify various settings on your store to personalise it, and tailor it to your needs.

The screen has several tabs, which will be covered below


These settings change the layout and general look of your online store, as well as enable additional functionality such as the global search bar and the features carousel.

Setup Store items

This button will take you to the Sales > Online store > Setup store items screen, which is where you can configure your items, prices, and how they appear on your store.

Show business details header

This setting will enable a header at the top right of the page that will display your business name, as specified in Setup > Preferences > Business details.

Show Search

This will turn on a search bar at the top of your store that your customers can use to search your items and packages.

Show featured Carousel

This setting enables the "Carousel" feature. Which is a rotating band showcasing any items you've specified as Featured in Sales > Online store > Setup store Items.

Show Item Prices

This setting will cause your items to display your standard item prices you've configured in HirePOS (Setup > Items > (Item) > Rates/Prices) this can be overridden by inputting a Website price in Sales > Online store > Setup store items

Show total prices

This setting will add a Total price breakdown on the checkout screen, including the total items they've added to the cart and the items selected if applicable.

Header Banner URL

If you enter in an Image URL from a web directory, this will display on your store in place of your company logo.

Featured Banner URL

If you enter in an Image URL from a web directory, this will display alongside your featured items.

Show separate Hire and Sales options in top menu

If you've got both Hire and Sales items on your store, this setting will keep them separate, via two Dropdown menus at the top of the screen.

Display categories side menu

This will show a list of your categories via a side menu on the left of the screen that can be accessed from anywhere.

Display subcategories

This will display any Subcategories you have as an option in both the main categories dropdown, and the side menu.


You can use these settings to change the colour of your store, and customise it to look the way you want it to!


This tab gives you two separate dropdown menus to define which font you want to use in the Body of the Store, and the Headings.


Allow availability check in Item Details page

This will enable availability checks when your customers select their dates on the item booking screen.

Dim out unavailable items in Items List page

This is an optional addition to the above, it will dim out any items that have a Qty Available of 0.

Opening Hours

This will allow you to define what days your business is open. Your customers will not be able to start or end a booking on these days.


This tab dictates which fields will appear on the checkout screen for your customers to fill in before a booking can be submitted.

Notification Email

This is the email address that will be sent a notification when a customer makes a booking.

Make sure this is an address that you have access to.

Customer notification email

This defines the email template that will be used when a customer makes a booking.

Email templates are explained in this help doc.

Payment % Required (Pin Payments)

If you have a Pin Payments account, and have it enabled in HirePOS, you can enable a payment % that is required for your customers to receive a booking.

Custom Fields & Forms

If you've set up custom fields, or custom forms, you can enable them here.


This tab gives you the relevant links to preview your online store. There are two methods that are used.

  • iFrame option - Allows you to embed your online store into the page of another site. See the iFrame help doc.
  • Stand-alone option - Add a button or link to your general company website to redirect vistors to the stand alone online store site.

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