SMS Settings

In order to make use of the SMS functionality in HirePOS, it is first necessary to set up HirePOS to use your SMS Express account.

Create an account with SMS Express

At the time of writing, HirePOS uses SMS Express as the exclusive SMS provider for both New Zealand and Australia.

To create an account with SMS Express:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Take the time to view the website, including the pricing page, and the free trial offer.
  3. Create an account by pressing "Try Free" on the home page.

Setting up your SMS Express account in HirePOS

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > SMS Settings
  2. Enter your SMS Express Username
  3. Enter your SMS Express Password
  4. If desired, enter a Sender ID
    • If left blank, replies to your SMSs will go to your SMS Express portal
    • If you enter a valid mobile number, replies will go to that number
    • If you enter text, your SMS's will be "no-reply" type messages
  5. Press "Save Changes"

Sending a Test SMS

To test your configuration:

  1. Navigate to CRM > Send SMS
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Enter a simple test message
  4. Press "Send SMS"

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