User Accounts (Overview)

In HirePOS, all user accounts are tied to a unique email address, as an admin user you can modify permissions, set email templates and view user edit history for each individual user.

Below, is a link to all help-docs relevant to User Accounts and setup.

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Invite new Users (With Video)

This help doc covers how to invite & create a new User Account in HirePOS, in video format.

Change User's Login Address

This help doc covers the best process, if you need to change the email address a user account is attached to.

User Permissions

This help-doc covers all the permissions you can give your user accounts, and what they will allow or Disallow.

User's Default Branch

This help-doc covers how to set a default branch for a user if you are using the branches module, and optionally restrict them to that branch only.

User Specific Email Templates

This help-doc covers how to set up a unique template for a user account, that will be used by default when they email an invoice.

Invoice History & User Timeline

This help-doc covers how to view a User's timeline (Edit history), as well as viewing invoice history.

Recent Logins & User History

This help-doc covers how to view recent logins and user history, for security purposes. Such as if you suspect an unauthorised person has the password to one of your accounts.

Make User Inactive

Explains how to make a user inactive, if they no-longer need access, or if the email is not being used anymore.

Delivery/Pickup Only users

This doc explains how to setup a unique type of user that doesn't incur monthly charges, but can only access the Delivery/Pickup schedule. Commonly used for drivers.

Signature Pad User

Explains how to setup a "Signature Pad User" which does not incur monthly charges, but can only be used to take signatures. Commonly used with tablets, for taking in-store signatures.

HirePOS charges based on average logins per day over the course of the month. read this help-doc for more information>>

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