Inspection Checklists

Maintenance (service) records give you a way to record maintenance information a specific item. However, what about general routine inspections, such as the pre-hire and post hire inspections many hire businesses perform for quality assurance and safety? For this, there are Inspection checklists.

Update - January 2021
(without a finish date) Inspection Checklists will now count toward item availability.
This means inspection checklists will show in the Availability Screen and produce double booking alerts on the Sales Record Screen.
Ensure you specify a Finish Date on all completed inspection checklists to make sure your availability is accurate.

Inspection Templates Setup

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Maintenance > Inspection Checklists.
  2. Click the Inspection Templates button.
  3. Click the New Template button to open the Maintenance Inspection Template page.
  4. Enter a Template Name.
  5. Enter the checklist items that apply to this template.
    Important Note
    Avoid changing the template after the template has been used against inspections as changing the template setup will alter the template for all inspections the template has been used against.
  6. Click Save Changes to save the template.

Record a New Scheduled Inspection

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Maintenance > Inspection Checklists.
  2. Click New Inspection.
  3. Select an item for the inspection.
  4. Specify a Start Date if the inspection has commenced
  5. Specify an Finish Date when the inspection is completed
    The Finish Date can be left blank if you wish to leave the record as a "pending inspection". This will make the item unavailable, and produce a double booking alert on all future bookings for the item until the inspection is completed.
  6. Enter Inspection Reason, this field is required.
  7. Select the Service Technician
  8. Enter a meter reading if applicable.
  9. Select Scheduled Inspection
  10. Select an Inspection Template
  11. Mark the relevant checklist items as Pass or Fail.
  12. Enter any comments in the Comments box at the bottom.
  13. Optionally, Click "Technician Signature" and/or "Customer Signature" to record signatures against the completed inspection
  14. Optionally, Click "Photos" to capture or upload any supporting photos for the inspection record.
  15. Press Save

Pre Hire and Post Hire Inspections

Items can be set up to prompt you to perform pre-hire and post-hire inspection checklists as they are added to a Quote or Booking. In addition, HirePOS can be configured to automatically create a 'pending' post-hire inspection on return for you, effectively ensuring the item remains unavailable after return until the inspection has been completed.

You can find out more about Pre/Post hire Inspections here:

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