Why have my bankfeeds stopped working?

Bank feeds is a "third-party" service provided by Illion. It relies on both Illion BankFeeds and also your bank or financial institution itself in order to function correctly. Although uncommon, occasionally we see customers experience connection issues with their bank feeds if either of these parties are experiencing issues.

Common causes include:

  • Your bank or Iliion BankFeeds are experiencing issues.
  • Passwords changed at the bank.
  • An older connection that has expired, and requires reconnection.
  • An update or other change either with the bank feeds provider, or the bank itself.

In all cases, ensuring you are using the correct password, and resetting your bank feeds connection will typically rectify any issues.

Reset your Bankfeeds Connection

  1. Navigate to Setup > Bank Accounts
  2. Select the Bank Account in question
  3. Press the Options menu in the top right corner
  4. Select Setup Bankfeeds
    The process from here is identical to the initial Bank Feeds setup. Please read the Bank Feeds Help Article for more detailed information.
  5. On the next page, select your provider (be sure to press Show all after entering your search term to make sure there is not a more appropriate variation of your bank available)
  6. Select your Bank
  7. Enter your Credentials
  8. Press Submit / Save
  9. Confirm or allow any following prompts

After this, you should be directed to the normal (working) HirePOS bank feeds page, and should be able to pickup where you left off.

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