Google Drive Links

HirePOS conveniently stores smaller image files and signature images in the cloud database, however larger files and attachment files are best stored in a cloud "storage" service, as storing these large binary files in a database is bad practice.  Google Drive is ideal for this purpose.  Using a Google Drive link allows you to store a 'reference' link to the file rather than storing the actual physical file itself.  Other users can update the file (or folder of files) in the Drive and you know that any reference to the file (or folder) will always be the latest.  This avoids having to 're-import' the file as an attachment if the file changes.

The following video demonstrates creating a document in Google Drive and then right-clicking the document to get a sharable link and finally pasting the link into the HirePOS attachments field, and using the 'eye' icon to open and view the file.

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