User Permissions

HirePOS v5 requires individual user logins to be set up.

The first user login will automatically be assigned the Administrator role and will have access to all available modules licensed to the business. 

To access all features, you must link your users to a Staff member, via a matching email.
This tells HirePOS that the account belongs to a particular staff member.
To do this, you will need to go to Setup > Staff and set up a new staff member with the same email address as the login email. 

User Role Settings

To edit User roles, go to Setup > Preferences > Users.

Click your user login to edit the User Roles.

User Roles
These are presets that change the way the account functions.

Access to all functions, with no restrictions.

Delivery/Pickup Only (No charge)
This causes the user to be considered a driver, and they will only be able to access the Delivery/Pickup schedule.
To use this function, please see the relevant help-doc here: Delivery/Pickup Only Users

Dispatch Only (No Charge)
Similar to above, this restricts the user to the
Other permissions
Restrict to default branch only
If you use the branches module, you can use this to restrict users to their default branch, which is configured in Setup > Staff.
This means they won't be able to see anything in other branches.

Disable Stock Adjustments
This will disable stock adjustments, as well as changing Item Types, and any of the settings in the Configuration section of the item setup.

Allow Sales and Payments
This gives the user the ability to use the entire Sales and Payments sections of the HirePOS menu.

Allow Accounting Sync
This will give the user the ability to export to Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks, via the button on the main menu.

Allow Bookkeeping
If enabled, allows access to the entire Banking menu.
Which is part of the Bookkeeping module.

How to make a user inactive

See the Make User Inactive article.

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