Importing Bank Statement CSVs

BankFeeds is a tool in HirePOS that lets you match the payments in your bank account against outstanding invoices or existing payment records. For a business that receives many payments via bank transfer, this can be a massive timesaving tool.

If you do not wish to, or are unable to, connect HirePOS to your bank directly, you may still manually upload statements to HirePOS in CSV format. These CSVs are typically very easy to download from your bank.

Uploading CSV Spreadsheets for BankFeeds

Avoid importing CSV bank statements for accounts that are already connected to BankFeeds for automatic download. It is possible to end up with duplicate transactions as a result.
  1. Download a CSV copy of your statement
    1. Check the date range to prevent overlapping existing transactions, which could result in duplicate payments.
      For information on how to download CSV statements in preparation for upload, consult the help and support provided by your bank. (For example, see this article from Commonwealth Bank)
  2. Open the CSV in Excel or Google Sheets
    1. Ensure you have a Column for Date, Description and Amount (negative amounts are 'expenses')
    2. Check that the data is in a good condition to upload to HirePOS (you will only need to do this the first time)
    3. If adjustments are required, make them here and save the file.
    4. If no changes are required, exit the file and don't save.
  3. In HirePOS, navigate to Payments > BankFeeds
  4. Click Match Transactions on the account for which you would like to import the statement
  5. In the top right, click Reconcile Balances
  6. In the top left, Click Import CSV
  7. Select your file, and click Preview Data
  8. Ensure the correct columns are set for each of the field types (Amounts in Amount, Dates in Date, etc)
  9. When ready, click Import Data, followed by Yes on the warning pop-up
  10. You will be taken back to the BankFeeds screen, and your newly imported statement will be available for matching with invoices.

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