Automatically attaching Invoice PDFs to emails | the "View" Button

If you are here, you are probably looking for the answer to a question like:

  • "How can I make HirePOS automatically attach a PDF to every email"
  • "Why do I have to manually click 'Include Invoice Attachment'
  • "What is this 'View Invoice' button in the email for"

If this is the case, you are probably one of the many lucky people making use of the "View Invoice" button in your email templates. This button directs your customers to view their invoice online via link.hirepos, rather than opening a PDF attachment.

Why aren't the PDF attachments included by default?

When the View Button is enabled on your email template, the "Include Tax Invoice Attachment" setting is disabled by default (but can be turned back on, on an email-by-email basis). This is to ensure your customers use the View Invoice button rather than just opening the attachment.

Try not to make a habit of always including the PDF when using the view button, it will just reduce the chance of your customer using the View Button, which takes away all the benefits listed below.

Why would I want my customers to use the "View Button"

Some advantages of the View Invoice button in comparison to a PDF attachment include:

  • It has a lower likelihood of triggering spam filters.
  • Will not get stuck in any antivirus scanners or quarantines
  • Gives you the ability to capture customer signatures online against your T+Cs
  • Gives your customers the ability to pay their invoices on the spot, online with a credit card
  • You can see when your customers have actually viewed the invoice
  • The link updates, so if you make a change, they will be able to see the latest version at all times via the same link.

But I have a few customers who need to receive the PDF for Accounting or Accessibility reasons.

In this instance, the advice is to use the View Button on your default template, and then specify an alternative template for the specific customer(s).

This secondary template will NOT have the {ViewButton} placeholder on it, and as a result, it WILL include a PDF attachment by default.

To do this, see the following help article: Customer Specific Invoice Template

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