In HirePOS, you are able to specify periods of time to be marked as "holiday". The holidays are then shown in various places across HirePOS to help you make decisions around these times.

Holidays are useful in several situations such as:

  • Where your business will be closed for the day, and you need to be reminded not to create any bookings or returns for that day
  • Where you need to be reminded to alter your rates to suit public holiday loading
  • Where you are running a special or other non-standard promotion for a period of time, and would like a reminder.

You will be notified by:

  • A coloured heading on the holiday dates on the Availability screen (and Drill Down popup)
  • A coloured heading on the holiday dates on the Calendar screen
  • Warning prompts on the Sales Record screen (Quote/Booking/Invoice) when the Booked Dates clash with the holiday dates.
Please note: the holiday check is only done at the invoice level of booking/hire dates, and not at the item level.  

To add a Holiday

  • Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Holidays
  • Enter a Description for the holiday on a new row (such as Australia Day)
  • Enter the Date From and Date To (for example 26/01/2021 for both in this case). 
  • All fields are required.
  • Click "Save Changes" when completed.

Colour Coding Holidays

The colour used to represent holidays on the Availability and Calendar screen is customisable.

Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Theme to adjust the colour for Holidays, and remember to press save when complete.

Testing that it works

Go ahead and try to create a booking that overlaps the holiday period you have set up, or have a look at the Availability or Calendar screens with the date in question in view.

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