Taking Photos (Mobile Phone)

How to take photos on iPhone

To take photos on an iPhone via the v5 Mobile web app, you must use the native Safari web browser.  Photos can be taken via the Delivery/Pickup Schedule screen.

  1. Tap the HirePOS shortcut on your iPhone home screen to open the v5 Mobile web app.
    If you haven't already set up a shortcut then follow the instructions at https://hirepos.azurewebsites.net/Members/HelpDocView?Help_ID=168
  2. Tap the 'Delivery/Pickup Schedule' button on main screen.
  3. Any jobs for the current day are shown.  Adjust the date range via the 'Filters' button if required.
  4. For Delivery/Pickup jobs, a 'Take Photos' button is visible.  Tap this button to navigate to the camera screen.
  5. You should immediately receive a prompt to allow access to the camera. Tap 'Allow', as shown in screenshot below.
  6. Immediately the camera preview should be visible on the page and you should see the view from the outward facing camera.
  7. Tap the 'Capture' button to take a photo.
    The view will freeze in time and display the still image.
  8. Tap 'Retake' if required, or scroll down and enter a Description and Comments if required, then scroll back up and tap 'Save' to save the image and details.
    Note: There is a dropdown list just below the Capture and Retake buttons which allows you to switch to a different camera if required.  The app will always default to the outward facing camera which is known as the 'environmental' camera.

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