Disabling Unwanted / Unused Modules

If you have been trailing/using some extra modules, and have decided you no longer want them, you must disable them before the start of the next billing period to avoid being charged for them.

Once you have de-activated a module, the change will be reflected in your next bill.

Before disabling any modules in HirePOS, be 100% sure that your business no longer requires the features they provide. You will not lose any data, but you will lose access to the related features until the module is switched back on

Turning off a module

To turn off a module, navigate to Setup > Preferences > Modules and simply de-select the module(s) you no longer wish to use.

Branches Module
The branches module is not designed to be simply "Turned off". You may first need to re-assign any Items and Sales records away from branches, and re-configure some branch specific settings. Depending on the amount of data you have, this may be a significant amount of work. Failing to "unbranch" your data before disabling the branches module can cause undesirable results.
Accounting/Bookkeeping with Xero/MYOB
Customers using an external accounting suite such as MYOB or Xero may not need the features provided by the HirePOS Accounting/Bookkeeping Module. Most commonly, we see these customers performing all of their accounting related tasks in their external accounting suite.
However, there are exceptions, and we have seen many scenarios where our customers are making use of these two offerings in tandem. Be sure to fully consider your business requirements before deactivating modules.

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