SMS (Overview)

Whilst email is the primary communication tool used by the majority of HirePOS users, SMS is a very powerful tool for customer communication and time-sensitive calls to action. 

Within HirePOS, there are multiple ways to leverage the power of SMS:

  • Normal SMS messages
  • Sales SMS messages with actionable links for Quotes, Bookings, Invoices and Payments
  • Bulk SMS messages send to many customers based on a set of filters and criteria

As a result, it is easy to immediately and efficiently communicate with your customers.

To make use of these features, be sure to have set up your SMS settings in Setup > Preferences > SMS Settings.

Additionally, it a good idea to have a set of SMS templates prepared in Setup > Preferences > SMS Templates.

How to send a sales/hire record via SMS

  1. Ensure your SMS service is set up via Setup > Preferences > SMS Settings.
  2. Set up an SMS template via Setup > Preferences > SMS Templates.
  3. In the SMS Template screen, above the Message field is an Insert Placeholder dropdown.
    Click the dropdown, then click the Invoice Link placeholder option.
  4. Click the Save button to save the template.
  5. To send the SMS from the Sales screen, open up an Invoice (or any other sales record).
  6. Click the CRM tab.
  7. Click the SMS button located to the right.
  8. Select the relevant SMS Template.
  9. Click the Send SMS button located towards the bottom right.

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