MoneyWorks Export

Activate the MoneyWorks module

  1. From the Main Menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Accounting Integration & Other API's.
  2. Click the Accounting Integration menu option.
  3. In Preferences (Accounting Integration), change the option to MoneyWorks.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Setup Requirements


  • Customer: (Required); Customer Code in HirePOS must match the Code in MoneyWorks. To find the Customer Code in the MoneyWorks app, go to Customers and Suppliers from the navigation panel on the left of the main screen. Choose All Customers from the panel on the top right. You can search for a customer via the search box at the top right. Note the Code column displayed on the left. This must match the Customer Code in the HirePOS customer setup.
  • Invoice Date: (Required)
  • Invoice Due Date: Calculated in priority order of:
    • 1) Invoice Due Date in Options tab in HirePOS Invoice screen.
    • 2) Days Due (Default) value in Options tab of exporter.
    • 3) Same date as Invoice Date.
  • Customer PO: (Optional)
  • Reference: (Optional)
  • Message: (Optional)

Invoice Line Items

  • Item: (Required); Account Code must be entered against the Item Type or Item Category that relates to the Item.
  • Invoice Line Description: (Required) Description is exported from the Invoice Line Description, which may be different to the Item setup description.
  • Quantity: (Required) Exported as Qty/Units X Qty/Items.
  • Sell Inc: (Required)
  • Tax Code: Must match the Tax Code in MoneyWorks.

Export Invoices

  1. From the main screen in HirePOS, or from the Sales/Hire menu at the top, click the MoneyWorks option.
    The MoneyWorks Export module will open in a new browser.
  2. Select the relevant date range from the top. The date filters are based on Invoice Date.
  3. Check the box in the first row header to select ALL Invoices, OR individually select Invoices as needed.
  4. Click the MoneyWorks Transfer button to export the Invoices to MoneyWorks.
    On a successful export, the lines will change to a green background, and will show a tick icon in the Exported column.
    If there are any errors, they will be displayed with a red background.
  5. Once you have completed exporting, click the User icon located at the top right in the dark menu strip, and log out the user from the exporter. This will not log you out of the core HirePOS app, it will just log you out of the MoneyWorks exporter.
MoneyWorks allows the same Invoice number to be exported more than once. When MoneyWorks returns "created: 1" then HirePOS will record that the Invoice was exported and prevents it from being exported again. However, marking as 'Pending' will allow the Invoice to be re-exported. Be careful the invoice does not already exist in MoneyWorks.

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