Selling Units in the Online Store

To best understand this article, be sure to have some understanding around Selling Units and the process of adding items to the Online Store.

Depending on your setup, you may find that you have certain selling units and prices assigned to some items that you do not wish to offer in the Online Store.

This might include your Special each price, a Half Day rate that you only use manually, or a Weekend Rate that is only applicable in specific circumstances.

This article is not applicable to online stores that have been setup not to show prices. You can adjust this setting by navigating to Setup > Preferences > Online Store and (de)selecting Show item prices and Show total prices.

It is possible to prevent certain Selling Units from being available for use in the Online Store across the board. Here is how that is achieved.

Preventing certain selling units from being available in the online store.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Preferences > Online Store
  2. Click Setup Store Items
  3. Navigate to the Selling Units tab
  4. De-Select any Selling Units you do not wish to be usable in the Online Store

After this, navigate to your online store form the customers perspective. You should not be able to trigger the selling unit(s) you have de-selected.

Other Scenarios and Solutions

I have a selling unit activated, but it is not available for a certain item.
It is likely that you do not have a price entry for this unit set up in Setup > Items. See our article on Item Prices / Rates for information on how to do this.
The online store is selecting the wrong selling unit for the chosen hire period
This is caused by an incorrect or conflicting selling unit setup. Selling Units are tricky to get right in the case of a complex pricing structure, and it often takes some time to get them right. Read our articles on Selling Units for some guidance. Consider removing any unnecessary selling units from the Item, or from the online store (read above)

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