Can't Find My Printer in HirePOS 5

If you have recently added a new Printer to your system, you may find that it is not immediately available as an option when printing from Google Chrome.

If you are able to print to it using other software on your computer, you may just need to let Chrome know its there.

To do this whilst using HirePOS, simply:

  1. Open a Sales Record (Invoice/Booking/Quote) of choice
  2. Press Preview towards the bottom of the screen
  3. Press Print from the top left of the report preview
  4. In the Print Popup, click the printer selection drop down menu (top right)
  5. If you printer is not visible in the list, click Show More...
  6. Find and select your printer from this menu.
  7. Do a test print by pressing Print

From this point, this printer should be remembered, and selected by default for future prints.

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