Over The Counter Signatures

HirePOS allows you to get over the counter signatures from customers using a tablet or touch screen as a signature pad. This device will typically be mounted on a stand and used as a dedicated signature pad. You will log into the signature pad via app.hirepos.com as a special user that you set up as a Signature Pad Only user, and leave the tablet logged into HirePOS throughout the day.

You can use any tablet or touch screen device that has a web browser as a signature pad.

Set up the Signature Pad user

  1. Set up a new user specifically for the signature pad tablet using the instructions as per Invite New Users.
  2. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Preferences > Users.
  3. Click on the signature pad user that you have set up to edit their user roles.
  4. Check the Signature Pad Only checkbox located towards the top.
  5. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

When you log into app.hirepos.com on the signature pad tablet, the app will open in signature pad mode, with a dark coloured strip at the top with your business name, and a Refresh button on the page.

Configure the Sign (or Get Signature) button

Before you can get signatures on the signature pad tablet, you must first change a configuration setting to let HirePOS know you will be initiating a signature request from the counter desktop PC.

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Sales/Hire > Customer Overview (or click the Sales button on the main screen).
  2. Click the cog button located just below the New Customer button to open the settings popup.
  3. Switch on the slider setting located under Use separate 'Signature Pad' for over the counter.
  4. Close the popup screen.

Get a customer signature

  1. Create a new Sales Record (Quote/Booking/Invoice) as you normally would (see Sales).
  2. Click the Sign button or Get Signature button towards the bottom of the Invoice screen. You will be redirected the Signature Pad (Awaiting) screen (provided the Invoice is validated and saved okay).
  3. Have your customer tap the Refresh button and then tap the relevant Invoice number option on the signature pad.
  4. After your customer has accepted and signed, click Payment, Preview, Email or Edit to take you through to the preferred action.

Note the Sales, and Find Sales screens will now display Signed in green font in the Sent column when signed.

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