Barcode scanners can be utilised to scan in items and save manual data entry and user error.  Items are scanned in a priority order of Barcode, Supplier Code, then Item Code.  If no Barcode has been entered in the item setup then the Supplier Code is used, and if no Supplier Code then the Item Code is used.

Which Barcode scanners are Supported?

HirePOS supports any kind of "Keyboard wedge scanner" so as long as you have one of these, you'll be able to use all the functions below.

How to set up barcodes for items

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items.
  2. Click an item to edit, which opens the item details screen.
  3. Click the Stock Control tab.
  4. Enter a Barcode, then click Save Changes.
    Note, there is no need to enter a barcode if the code will be the same as the Supplier Code or the Item Code.  Barcodes are normally the manufacturer code.  For internal codes used on hire equipment the Item Code is normally used.

How to print barcodes

  1. From the main menu strip at the top, go to Setup > Items,
    1. Click the Options button at the top right of the items list.
    2. Click Print Barcodes option from the dropdown. This will take you to the Item Barcodes screen.
  2. OR go to Setup > Items Related > Item Barcodes.
  3. In the Item Barcodes screen, you can either enter a numeric quantity in the Print Qty column to the right OR click the +/- buttons to set the quantity to be printed.
  4. Once you have set the quantities you require, click the Preview tab at the top right of the item list.
  5. Review the barcodes to be printed, then click Preview & Print Barcodes.

How to use barcode labels for scanning

When in a sales record (booking/invoice etc) you can click the Code header located at the top left of the invoice line items.  The Scan Barcode popup will appear.  Now you can scan an item in and it will be added to the Invoice.

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