Single Touch Lite

How to register

HirePOS uses the 'Single Touch Lite' product to submit payroll data to the ATO.

To register for Single Touch Lite, you to visit 

See the following PDF file for full details on registration and setup:

Employers - Things you need to know:

Submit your first STP event

Now you've created your entity, it's time to submit your first STP event.

Export a Single Touch CSV file from HirePOS via Expenses > Wage Book.  Click the "Single Touch Export" button to create a CSV file.  Note the current financial year and current BAS quarter dates in the popup message.  If these dates are incorrect or don't match your current BAS period, please advise us asap before exporting any files.

Now that you have created the CSV file, which is saved as a file name in the current date format (HirePOS-SingleTouch-yyyy-MM-dd), you need to upload the CSV to Single Touch Lite.

Upload CSV File to Single Touch Lite

Log into the Single Touch Lite portal at   

Go to FILE UPLOAD > Upload CSV as shown below...

Click "Choose File" to select the CSV file that you created from HirePOS, then click "Continue". 

The file will be verified, and if any issues the errors will be listed.  If successful, a message will appear "File converted successfully".  Your file has been converted and is ready to send to the ATO.  View the Summary to visually verify the information to be sent.  A "Quick Summary" is also shown at the bottom of the page.  Check these figures match with HirePOS.  If in doubt, ask.  

Read and check the declaration agreement box.

Click the "SEND TO ATO" button to submit data to the ATO.  Please advise us if you receive any errors at this point.

EOFY Finalisation

PDF guide

For a PDF guide on EOFY finalisation, please see:

Video guide

Please see the 2021 video guide below.


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